Friday, December 23, 2005

4. Old Man

Work for me was an important step to conquer leukaemia and continue getting on with my life. It was great to get out in my car and have a whole day to myself. I enjoy working in the wine and spirits industry, still can't believe I can't drink anything! Good for my liver I guess, give it a rest.....

Sometimes I'd just think all day about the year and years ahead, how this affects Kas, how it affects my family and friends in Scotland and in Australia. I was still coping quite well regarding the new situation I was in. That Sunday night we had a normal Sunday dinner at the 'in laws', I felt that everything went ok but when we got home Karen asked if I was ok. She also said that her mum thought that I looked liked I needed my family with me.

Back at work the next, staying in the local area and thinking about what Kas said to me last night. I really did rely on my family and so far they had been great. I hadn't heard from a few people that I really thought I would and I think that this was what was on my mind. Kas called and we were talking about the weather or how much I look like Brad Pitt or something along those lines and there was a knock at the door at home. The security button obviously hadn't been touched so she reluctant to open the door. After a few times of Kas saying "who is it?", over the phone I heard her open the was a the mobile phone hitting the wooden floor and a gurgling scream from my receiver. Holy shit...she's been killed! I stayed listening and a man got on the phone..."hello!". Who the hell is this? "Hello Matty, it's your father!". Holy shit again! My car handled my steering quite well as I swung a fairly illegal u-turn and sped off towards home. My phone rang again and it was my mum from back in Oz. My old man had never left the shores of home since he was 5 and now he had come from Broken Hill all the way to Glasgow. Mum promised me it was just my dad and he just wanted to see his mate.

Great to see my old man. He looked well, even after 24 hours on a plane. It was the boost that I needed and he was the chauffeur I needed as the anemia was taking effect on my body and the driving was taking it's toll. I think he thought I'd be in bed and he'd spend the next few weeks watching me play playstation (sort of true - world number 1 Tiger Woods Golf player) but nearly fell off his chair when I came in the room that night dressed in my sports gear and ready for 5-a-side soccer match. That was the way, I refused to let CML slow me down and stop me from getting on with 'normal' life. I know it's very hard to describe normal...not even sure if it exists as everyone is always striving for it...but normal for me was still seeing my friends, playing sport and working. I realise that I have to slow down slightly until my blood levels all come back to 'normal' but this is the way I want to do this.

The next week, November 22nd, I was in the spare room doing some weights and trying to stay fit. My dad came in the room followed by Karen, both looking very serious and concerned. Dad announced that my brother and sister had found out they weren't a bone marrow match for me and they could not be a donor. The news was shit but almost what I had expected. Not because I wasn't optimistic, but because there was only a 1 in 4 chance that Nick would be match and 1 in 4 chance that Tash would be a match. I felt bad for my dad because that was partly the reason he had come over but I also felt bad for Nick and Tash. They had been given some pretty awful news about me and then handed a heap of pressure to be a match for me.

Next step now is to start looking on the UK and world database for a potential bone marrow donor. It's all being handled here in Glasgow so I will be informed on the progress...

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