Friday, March 24, 2006

10. One More Sleep

(Aussies in Edinburgh) - (Stag Weekend)

One more sleep!

The most common question over the past few weeks definetly has been "are you nervous?" The quickfire response was always "no, not at all...I'm just excited". How quick that all changed...

The wedding rehearsal at the church last night was the start of fresh emotions rising to the surface. The coolness is leaving. The smile was forced to cover up the sweaty palms and shaky leg, luckily noone had noticed. It may sound like I'm scared but it's far from just feels like for the first time in a long time, things are starting to feel 'normal' again. I've just loved the build up and much as I've hated it and as much as I can't wait to hit the hot, sandy beaches of the Maldives, I'm reluctant to give up this 'wedding bliss'. I now understand what that term means. The Leukaemia attempts to raise it's ugly head every now and again but I immediately try to suppress it and ignore the evil cancer lurking under my skin. I can't wait for tomorrow to arrive and see my wee lass walk up the aisle to meet me. Already feels like the best day of my life and it hasn't even arrived yet...

The Stag Weekend went as planned. This segment will stay short - what goes on tour, stays on tour. I can mention that the 14 lads dressed in Old Man attire never once required the beautiful, blonde nurse that came away with us...

The week has gone really well with the Sinclair Clan visiting the many Scottish tourist sites. The Aussies are slowly arriving through the mist of the Glasgow drizzle and making the most of their digital cameras. All this has been happening and being forced to coincide with my search for a bone marrow donor. The Leukaemia 'Connections' Newsletter will have a few things about my situation and on Sunday 23rd April, my story will be in the 'This much I know' segment in the Observer Magazine. The goal remains the the Anthony Nolan Trust to gain as many new donors as possible.

In the next post of mine, I will have a Mrs Sinclair. The smile on my dial has grown from ear to ear. It's funny how history has a habit of repeating itself....about 30 years ago, Karen's mum and dad were sending their beautiful daughter to bed with a dummy - and here they are again tomorrow...


shauna said...

Hiya Matt! Your dad gave my mum your blog address who passed it on to me, (another former cowra-ite living in scotland!)

i've been reading awhile now and you inspired me and my husband to sign up for the bone marrow register. good luck for your wedding, hope you have a tops honeymoon and all the best to you and the missus!

Annette said...

Hi Matt
My first message on your wonderful site.
Just wanted to wish you a very HAPPY wedding day and a wonderful honeymoon in the Maldives. Look forward to seeing photos of you with your lovely bride.
You don't know who I am, but my husband also has cml... tried both Glivec and the new BMS drug to no avail... had a mini unrelated donor transplant at Hammersmith on 17 Feb... doing very well so far.

All best wishes for your future married life. God bless,