Thursday, December 07, 2006

23. Photo Description

This Diary Post was just going to be a few photos…but after looking through them again, I decided they definitely require a few words to explain how important they are and how much they mean to me. They are all based around Leukaemia Research…each of them displays some pretty gutsy stuff to show how vital it is that people highlight worthy charities and also how hard some people work to make them successful.

The first couple of photos are of my Mum and Dad. They are taken at the Rugby League ground in a place where I grew up, got in trouble and met some of my closest mates (and got in trouble with them)…Cowra. They were there in a way similar to me…it was something they (or I) would never have done before the word Leukaemia started to get thrown about and now they are participating in a huge charity fundraiser. This event was a tough one; each team has to walk through the afternoon and the night, around and around the oval. There were hundreds of people there to raise money for Cancer Research…not bad for a small town. Gusty effort and one I’m proud of them for!

The other photos are from this years Anthony Nolan Scottish Ball held in Glasgow. The guys all arrived in their Scottish man skirts and the ladies were looking very classy in their long ball gowns and dresses. It started off with a bang when trays of free booze started to get handed around…and this set the scene for the night. After an hour of enthusiastic chat, admirable gazes at the ice sculptures and money getting thrown about for the various raffles, 650 people were then led into the Main Hall and seated for a memorable night. We all reminded pretty quickly on the main role of the Anthony Nolan Trust when we were introduced to a man who had donated his Stem Stems for a Bone Marrow Donor. We were all in awe as he was interviewed, shown photos of the very sick 6 year old boy who was the recipient and chatted about how easy the process was. Then plenty of tears started to flow as the 6 year old boy was then introduced to the crowd…he was now 14 and living the life of a normal teenager. I have to admit that the frog in my throat crept in quite quickly as they were introduced to each and embraced for the first time. Gold! It just shows how important donors are!

The night then kicked in and provided all 650 people with an extremely brilliant night…raffles with great prizes, cheer leader show (I closed my eyes!), some good tucker and a band that had me burning up the dance floor when I tried to impress Kas with my best robot moves.

Anyone up for a good night next November?...check out the ANT website!

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