Thursday, November 08, 2007

43. Two Years On

PHOTOS: Chloe; Karen who visited from Canda, Kas, Julie, Nina and Chloe; Auntie Tash and Chloe; In the Bouncer; Kas, Papa Tom and Chloe; An Old Photo of Me, Jacko and!

I don't think anyone would be surprised to hear that the past month has been particularly busy. Chloe has just passed five weeks old and that's just about how long it's been since anyone has had a real snooze. She's growing very fast which is great to see - she's loves her grub just like her old man, already growing out of most her clothes and also loves socialising. I'm loving being a dad! Kas is doing a great job of looking after the wee one, as are her folks Anne and Tom - with the booze industry at it's peak time, they've done an unreal job of helping out Kas whilst I've been away making sure there's plenty of alcohol available across Scotland. A brave job!

We slowly seem to be getting things under control. The 2 year diagnosis date just cruised on past on the 19th Octover - such a weird feeling all day. Not sure whether to celebrate or commiserate! It took Kas a little longer to deal with my latest PCR result as she was also getting used to looking after a baby...I had slightly more time to try and get my head around it and work out what this means to us. The timing wasn't the best. Chloe is always top of mind but there has definetly been a distinct CML cloud hanging over me - I guess it just makes you think more about your future and really makes you metaphorically grit your teeth to get through the next lot of bumps and dips (I say metaphorically gritting my teeth and not literally - I wouldn't have any teeth left with what we've gone through over the past 2 years!) With the impending Doctor visit at the end of the month and also the Bone Marrow biospy, mutations test and PCR, I'm lucky I've had my girls to keep me focused and my mind on the job at hand - positive thinking. I've always known there are other drug options to keep me ticking over...a higher dose or another med on the market. At 140mg Sprycel per day, it doesn't go any further than this...

Next weekend it's time to don the Sinclair Kilt once again and get ready to tear up another dancefloor - the Anthony Nolan Trust's Annual Scottish Ball is on! We had an amazing time last year at The Thistle Hotel with games, auctions and dancing to keep you entertained. There were 10 of us last year, this year there's 30. We may take over next year? Kindly, my work Pernod Ricard have agreed to support and put on the Drinks Reception - unfortunately, it coincides with the Scotland vs Italy soccer match, a must win game for the Scots! Hopefully we'll have a few takers on the free drinks? I've also been asked to support the big day by doing some interviews on BBC Radio and maybe also on the BBC News. I'll tape it put it on my blog for those who are unlucky enough to miss my smooth baratone voice cascading through the British airwaves...everyone will be talking about the Aussie yobbo instead! In any case, it's a great opportunity to get more support for a good cause.

The week after the Ball is the Annual CML Conference and this year it's to be held in the Bonnie capital, Edinburgh. For those people attending, I apologise as I'll be one of the first to kick off procedings and do my talk. I better get to work on it! I know the UK Consultants will be attending a Conference in sunny Australia next year -I'd better do a good job and throw a few hints at being included on the world tour...

It's was so good to see my wee sister Tash and Justin who visited us last weekend - all the way from Oz! I was so looking forward to seeing her hold Chloe and get her first cuddle as a Scottish auntie. They'll be back up for Christmas and that is also when my parents will arrive in town - it'll be my first Christmas with my family in a few years. Can't wait!! Just a shame my brother and his family couldn't make it. Maybe one year they can swap their hot day with a BBQ lunch for a White Scottish one?
So for now, I'd better get back to my work and keep the Scots well lubricated with our finest booze. Thanks again for the emails and comments - especially regarding my beautiful wee girl! My appointment with the docs in on the 20th November, fingers crossed...

* Glasgow just won the right to host the 2014 Commonwealth Games...GOLD!!

Please check out my mate David CML website. He was diagnosed shortly after me and unfortunately the drugs haven't gone too well for him - Dave will undergo his Bone Marrow Transplant in the coming weeks. If you get a spare minute, wish him all the best...


Anonymous said...

Hey Matt, I'm Julia, one of Claire Gunn's friends, we used to work at Westpac together and now I'm working for Claire at Breeze Tech. I met you and Karen at one of David & Claire get togethers a few years ago. I have been keeping up to date with how things are with you guys and so happy to hear about the addition to your family! Chloe looks very cute and I'm sure she is keeping you both very occupied. It's a small world because I used to work with and am now good friends with Penny Maccallum who used to know you in Canberra?

Anyway, just wanted to wish you lots of support with all that you are going through. And glad to see you are a Foo Fighters fan - they are my all time favourite band, I wish they would tour more here in Oz - saw them the other year when they played at the Opera House - amazing! Take care.


Julia Whittaker

Anonymous said...

Hey Matt

What a cutie! Chloe is gorgeous, just like her mum and dad...can't wait to see you guys for your first night out at the Daisy Ball this Saturday, should be a brilliant night....just need to find something to wear now!


Anonymous said...

Hello mate,

Congratulations on the birth of little Chloe, she's a little cutie! You and your family must be delighted. Your looking good too! I hope your not getting too many sleepless nights!

Sorry I haven't checked in for a while, I haven't really been online much since returning home from Florida.

I hope the big speech went well.

Take care,

Anonymous said...

hey mattie boy

glad you put some photos up - i can't believe how big chloe has got since a few weeks ago! can't wait to see you all at christmas. have loads of fun at the ball and good luck with all the speeches :-)

loads of love jules xxx

Annie - Steven's mom said...

Hey Matt!
First: Congrats to you both an a simply beeoootiful little girl! WOW. :-)
And on the cml side of things. I hear your worry and it is valid, but never ever give up. There is much more in the pipeline, so many more trials and successes coming up. A friend of mine has had cml for 11 years now and is still at 100% ph+, and she is still full of fun and life, not giving cml an inch of it!
Steven's counts appear to have stalled at 0.09% or there about - not even a 2 log reduction. We will wait for the next pcr to see what goes for what.
I will be holding thumbs for a great pcr next time and also for a night or two of really good shut-eye for you all.
Hang in there, Matt.
Love and light
Steven's mom

Annette said...

Hi Matt
Good to see Chloe is doing well, and will keep everything crossed for your next appointment and test results..stay strong..
Annette and Rich