Saturday, January 28, 2006

7. Transplant News

Well at least the first bit of waiting is over for now. After chasing up my email to the Transplant ward at the Glasgow Hospital, I finally got hold of the right person and spoke to her about my waiting game. Not the news I was hoping for...

I've heard in many Sales conferences and and been taught in many Sales Training Days about communication. Obviously a vital tool in any Salesman's kit bag. Words only make up 7% of communication and the rest is the way you say it...tone. If this phone call was anything to go by, the figures were pretty accurate.

The facts were straight forward enough - I have a rare antigen in my blood therefore it was quite hard to get a match with me on any Donor Database. After the initial check, they had found two potential matches for me on a world wide in Austria and one in USA. Unfortunately for me, the Austrian donor has removed their name from the list for an unknown reason. Maybe they have donated Bone Marrow, maybe they got scared - that information I doubt I will ever get to hear. The other in the US is away right now (again, not sure of the reason) and isn't available to give a confirmation sample until May this year. Odds aren't looking good for the BMT I was hoping to get until we increase the level of people becoming donors.

I've already I have made a half-arsed attempt at getting in contact with TV stations, radio stations and Newspapers etc. The email I have sent them is basic enough, listing my story so far, the predicament I'm in and also the predicament other's are in. I can guarantee there are others in similar situations! Most of all, the message I am trying to stress is that people are always in discussions about hope for a 'Cancer Cure' - I want them to understand that a blood donation is basically all that is needed to cure Leukaemia by helping them with a BMT. I can confess, before my illness I never knew a thing about my cancer or the very easy way I could help someone with it. So that's my belated New Years resolution...

With my spare time now very busy on my new project, everything else is getting pretty hectic too. Only 6 1/2 weeks until the Australian crew of family and friends arrive on their first (of many) international trip to Europe together and 8 weeks until I'm a married man. Not sure what to get excited over first - showing everyone the sights of the bonny land, the big day and then the honeymoon! The bucks night should be a good one...don't think there's been too many sober blokes on their bucks night before. It's also good to see Kas so happy getting on with the wedding be honest I've not been much help in choosing between Lilies and Roses, what colour ribbon to wrap around the cake, the style of the Bridesmaids dresses and colour coordinating everything. But as long as I smile and nod and sort out the boys kilts, everything will be ok and I can still keep up my Saturday morning golf...


Anonymous said...

Wow you are so incredibly inspiring! Internet access for me these days is at the cafe and I've been laughing out loud in public at my friend the computer screen. I am so excited to see everyone in late March. Right now life is working (20%) and skiing (80%). The snow has been incredible and skiing is fabulous (despite the resort being closed for 4 days because 2 gondolas fell off in high winds ... no one hurt)!! I'll have really stupid ski goggle tan for your wedding ... oh well, it's worth it. Can wait to celebrate with you! The donor will be found. It's just taking time to get through the extra paper work. I'm sure you've created many, many more donor volunteers since beginning your campaign and someone has to get through those questionnaires.

Anonymous said...

Hi Matty,

Good to hear your living life and not getting too caught up on the stuff that's out of your control. The mind is a great healer my friend. We've been keeping track of how you;re doing but Wag's just sent us through the link to your site, so hug's and lots of positive thoughts
Meredith ( Mix106 Canberra)

Tim Davenport said...

G'day Big Maxie.

Nice work on the diary. If mindpower's gunna get you through this, then with a mind as big as what's in that massive scone of yours, you'll be sweet in no time.

Saty fit, and give Kas a hug & kiss from us.

Tim, Jo & Riley D.

Anonymous said...

Dearest Kaz & Matt

You are both the most amazing and inspiring couple who we all just love and adore. Your love and strength will see that you both are able to work through this ruff patch. You will wed shortly knowing that you are marring your partner for life, knowing you share an unconditional love for one and another.

It is so very true that the mind and heart can heal any illness together with support from loved ones, family and friends. All of which who are sending you best wishes and prayers.

We are both so excited and looking forward to seeing your smiling faces and catching up very soon

All the very best, Tam & CLWW

Anonymous said...

The dumb blonde strikes again.... I don't know what I've done to this thing but message has gone and 2. my name won't delete.

Anyway what I said before this occurred was something along the lines of.

Both of you are amazing people, who even in this tough time stay so positive and keep that incredible wit about you.
Matty you just make me laugh and bring a smile to the faces of everyone you know.
It's great to read your story and even better to see your smiling faces.
I know you're wedding will be beautiful as you both are. And altough I won't be there to help you celebrate it, I will be thinking of you both as I rock out to U2. I was looking at photos of us all at Wags and Tam's wedding the other day - what a blast that was. I will never forget your anniversary either 'cause it's my birthday - hehe!
Have a wonderful time and you stay positive, I know everything will work out fine.
Keep smiling, stay happy and awlays have fun.

Lots of Love Cath xoxox