Wednesday, February 15, 2006

8. Bonnie Countdown

(Matt & Kas) (My freezing Jacobs Creek Mobile in Scotland)

Feels like I'm always waiting for something to happen. I don't think it's a negative thing; sometimes I need something to look forward to as I think most people do. But there are some things I'm waiting for that I don't necessarily look forward to. For example, my first of many 3 month PCR tests. I wasn't really sure of what to expect but judging by the way I felt I thought I would be the best ever patient. I finally received my PCR tests after a bit of follow up work and spoke to the haematologists about the results. Unfortunately it wasn't as good as they'd hoped for (or me for that matter). After kicking off with 100% Leukaemia last October when I was diagnosed, the 3 month test performed on 18th January came back at 14%. One log reduction (doctor lingo...) is going from 100% down to 10%, a 2 log reduction is going down to 1% and a 3 log reduction is going down to 0.1%. They hoped I would at least get down past 10%. Therefore I haven't achieved a log reduction yet...

I am now heading back to the hospital tomorrow and will receive more medication as I have to increase my dosage (must be the size of my huge muscular frame - or the increased amount of burgers I munch). The docs aren't too concerned just yet, so I have to keep on working harder than before to kick the dodgy cells out of my body.

One thing that both Kas and I have noticed about the CML, is the fact that when I get any bad news from the docs there has been a crash out the front of our house (quiet street too). After speaking with the Professor today, a huge hail storm slammed down leaving the ground fully white and obviously slippery. I hung up the phone and looked outside to see the freak weather and then as if on queue, a car came around the corner too fast and slid out on the ice colliding with a car out the front. The same car the old man hit! Note - any bad news, don't park your car out the front...

Everyone's been helping out where they can and being very supportive. Most people are sorting themselves out with donating bone marrow and seeing if they are a match for me. On the 7th May a whole group of us are running the Edinburgh 10km to raise money and awareness for CML and other Leukaemia's. My work have even spoken with Anthony Nolan and organised a day at head office, dedicated to enrolling new donors for me to have a possible BMT. Still quite overwhelming the effort people are putting into helping people with this shit disease.

Only 5 1/2 weeks now til the big Wedding day in the bonnie lands. All the kilts are sorted out for the aussie boys and most things tracking along ok. This weekend will be a well needed break as we head up north to Gleneagles thanks to Karen's 30th present.
Now with the countdown well and truly underway, I'm just looking forward to spending the day celebrating with everyone. Will be such a good day! Also a day I won't have to think about big fat needles and big fat nurses...


Anonymous said...

Dear Matty,
It took me several goes to read your first entry.... but this is just great and I am so proud of you! I always knew you had a talent for writing. I can't wait to see you and Karen, it's only 3 weeks until we'll be on our way to Glasgow.
Lots of love mum xxx

Anonymous said...

Dear Matt,
I'm sure you've heard ALL the news about the Hen Weekend of 2006!!! maybe some details will find their way onto the blog :-)....just contemplating a first attempt at Arthurs seat this afternoon in preparation for the big run :-)
Love neenx