Tuesday, August 01, 2006

17. Options

- Ouso pushing his bike up the hill, over looking the Loch

So far the standard blood tests have come back to being fairly normal which means Gleevec is doing some good work. The tension seems to slowly release as the appointments go from weekly, to fortnightly, recently 3 weekly and now the sigh of relief for the routine tests to go monthly. It's good to know that the docs aren't too keen to see me too often and it's good to give the veins a rest. Only problem now is that I'm leading myself down road of disillusion...there are far more days now of feeling normal. What a reminder these monthly tests now are...

With the news that my PCR test results weren't coming down as fast as the specialist would like, the words 'bone marrow' and 'biopsy' started getting thrown around once again. I was surprised to hear that they gave me an option to have the knitting needle shoved in my hip bone...for me, the option was to get it done and give the docs a clearer understanding on what’s happening in my swelling body (can't say no to a good burger). Also said 'yep', so I can have a few days off bin and dishwasher duties.

Quality of life is very high for me right now - and that's exactly what Gleevec gives you, but for how long?... so the prospect of a gruelling Bone Marrow Transplant has stayed firmly in my mind. The doctors and specialists are still split 50/50 on what option to take but the longer I go on, the more I lean to the BMT. Not an easy option for anyone though...

The weeks seem to roll pretty quick lately. I've kept my head down and have been working as hard as I can which is probably the reason for the 'hour and minute hand' spinning a bit faster. I've just jagged a new promotion at work...as you can imagine I'm pretty happy, but I'm also extremely happy with my employer. They've stuck by me the whole time now and this show of support is brilliant.

Dawsie, Ouso and I decided to brave the midgies recently and head up north for a spot of camping and mountain biking. The weather was quite good for the bonny lands, the bike tracks were hard enough and the beers went down quite well on the boat we hired to cruise the local loch. Lucky that I managed to catch the motor though as it slipped off the back when we were in the centre of the loch...the boys must have been fooling around.

My work continues for Anthony Nolan Trust...can't say enough good things about these guys. They keep on working hard every day, praying that the work they do will find a match for someone in need of a transplant. Karen's Nana and Papa's recent 60th wedding anniversary managed to raise a healthy total of £800 for the Trust from their friends and families donations. As I've already done my yearly fundraiser (confirmed total of £3,437.82 including Gift Aid - for Leukaemia Research), I'm keen to get something sorted for the following couple of years...maybe a bike ride, parachuting or climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa (once again, mum and Kas not too keen).

Drew's (my mate getting married this year) sister Sarah has also done some great work lately for finding new bone marrow donors...she had organised for the local donor unit to come across to my old Rugby Club in Cowra, Australia and sign up 16 of the local players. I hear there is another in the pipeline...such a good effort from Sarah (thanks!)!!

So until I need to make the big decision on which way my treatment goes, I will keep on training for the big bike ride this month. The Glasgow to Edinburgh 50 mile (80km) ride is on the 27th August - it snuck up on me quite fast! I'll soon have to don the ice-cream bucket helmet, boardies and shirt and hit the roads for Leukaemia Research.

Until then, fingers crossed for my 9 month PCR test tomorrow morning...

(It is with a heavy heart...wee ^^Skyler^^ has earned her angel wings yesterday after a long fight. Please visit her page and leave her family a message


Ouso said...

Matt was the cause of the engine falling off the back of the boat. Apparently 4hp was a bit to much for Matt to handle. Dragging my reputation as a respectable boatsman through the mud, all in the name of a cheap gag. You need to ease up on the comedy and hit the gym... BEEFCAKE BEEFCAKE.

Anonymous said...

Matt, I told you that there was no way we could create 'wake' in the 4hp dinghy! Your actions are irresponsible and endangered the lives of both Ouso and Dawsie. When will you grow up?

Drew said...

what's the deal ouso? hill too steep for ya? how could you let sinclair get ahead of you to take that shot... you've changed man, used to be nothing could unclip those boots from the pedals

Anonymous said...

Ouso you're not so fast without training wheels!